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crooked phone booths in Moscow Once I traveled to the Soviet Union. I was struck by how all the phone booths were crooked -- leaning to one side.

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My Photo Albums

Skiing in Utah -- December 2004
Family dancing | Mom and Opa Dancing | Family Christmas Dinner | Mom | Carol | Dad | Kate and Opa dancing at Santa's village | More Kate and Opa Dancing | Kate in Gondola | Eric in Gondola | Kate and Carl in lodge | Kate Skiing | Kate and Eric in Gondola

Mikko Nissinen, DJ, Eric Hoisington, Kate Lydon, Me and Tony Randazzo in 2004

Kate's Black and White
Manka's Lodge, War Protest, Farmer's Market.

Winter 2002/2003
Christmas and Winter 2002/2003.

Our Wedding
Kate and I got married on April 13th, 2002.

Picture of Kate Dancing Giselle
This photo was taken by Rosalie O'Connor when Katie was dancing Giselle with American Ballet Theater

Pictures of Me and Kate
Kate and I went to Utah over thanksgiving and these are the first pictures of us together.

Snapshots From My Past
I put my photo albem on the web so that I could be in touch with my friends from the past.

Childhood Photos of me and family
Here's the obligitory childhood photos.


"Every photo, every 'ONCE' in time is also the beginning of a story starting 'once upon a time.' Every photo is the first frame of a movie."
Wim Wenders

The following short photo essey's were inspired by Wim Wender's book called Once.

thumbnail of USSROnce I was in the USSR...

thumbnail of black marketOnce I went to a black market in Russia...

thumbnail of boysOnce I saw some boys involved in serious business...

thumbnail of BurningMan 98Once I cleaned up after BurningMan

thumbnail of graveyardOnce I was in a graveyard...

Once they put some bow and arrow art by the SF bay...

Once we drove down Highway 50...

Once I biked to Ward's Island NYC...

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